Historical villa surrounded by a stunning park

A journey through elegance and charme, a few steps away from Lucca

Located amid plane and hills, this magnificient villa guards with its noble heritage the valley that opens on the beautiful city of Lucca.

Starting from the XVI century with the Diodati family, its halls have witnessed the lives of the Counts Orsetti first, and of the Marquises Cittadella later, before reaching their final owner in 1868: German financier Rodolfo Schwartze, married to Carolina Grabau, who maintained the Reinassance architecture and Neoclassical interiors of the Villa.

There are two souls in this villa: a strong Reinassance personality and a Neoclassic expressivity. Its first representation in 1550 has seen numerous transformations, and yet the original sumptuousness has never faded. It can still be admired in stylistic elements such as the alignment between the living room and the "loggia", the seven windows for each floor, the interior decorations, and the pavillon roof.

On the ground floor, the open "loggia" facing South attests the Neoclassic revolution brought by the XIX century. Upon entering, the Trompe l'œil curtains painted on the walls will astonish you, together with Frescoes representing dancing nymphs and geometrical designs.

That's how the majestic Hall of False Curtains is born, a masterpiece painted by famous idealistic artist Francesco Bianchi. An extraordinary deception for the eyes that confirms that this villa is a dedication both to details and to majesty.

Choose between the refined Villa or the majestic Lemonhouse for a seated lunch, or delight guests with a cocktail in the Italian garden. There are so many magical corners of the property you can select to create the most unique wedding in Lucca.

The 'Ballroom': up to 96 seated guests; the 'Hall of false curtains' up to 80 guests and the 'side lounges' up to 36 guests each.

The 'Lemonhouse': the winter conservatory for the ancient lemon trees, dating back to the 1600, becomes a magic location for Weddings (up to 300 seated guests).

The 'Botanical Park': marble lions, gushing fountains and secluded paths accompany the guests to the discovery of a 9 hectares botanical park.  Divided into several architectonic gardens and full of secular trees and botanic rarities, the park features a rare collection of exotic plants impossible to find, giant trees from all over the world, and aromatic plants from the XIX century.

The 'Box Edge Theatre': harmoniously proportioned and refined, this secluded corner of the Park makes the perfect scenery to officiate ceremonies, surrounded by astonishing floral decorations.

Moreover, luxury houses located inside the Park can be rented to offer a charming stay.


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