Wedding music in Italy


Italy's certainly the place where music plays an important role in a ceremony.

It is no coincidence that the person who named the 7 musical notes at the base of music was an Italian monk, Guido D'Arezzo, in the eleventh century. Therefore it is no exaggeration to call Italy the country of music, which is certainly one of the features that distinguishes our language....and it is quite difficult to find a more romantic and musical language than Italian.

In a country with a historic musical tradition which offers such a wide range of choices, we will certainly be at your side to suggest the most appropriate solutions according to the type of wedding venue and that best suit your tastes.

For example, as the Catholic Church in Italy is quite strict about using an eclesiastical repertoire, one will need to select the befitting instruments such as the organ, or strings such as the violin, viola, or harp. The combination of flute and harp, for example, can also create a grand effect, as well as the use of vocals from a soprano and tenor, contributing to the great emotion of the ceremony.

The same musical arrangement is often used for the reception as well, playing a more lively and contemporary repertoire of course, while keeping it more traditional for the ceremony.

As for the dinner and after-party, the choices are really endless depending on your budget and personal preferences. The proximity of the Amalfi Coast with a city like Naples, which exports great musicians guarantees a high availability of any kind of musician you are looking for: experienced DJs in the best clubs in Italy, soul and jazz bands, and music repertoires of English and American scope.

We definitely recommend considering typical local instruments that add that touch of 'Italian style' you will not find anywhere can’t go wrong! We refer in particular the mandolin, or a classic mandolin and guitar duo that can entertain both the ceremony and the rest of your day.

Certainly many of our brides will remember the romantic serenade...typical during a courtship that is no longer the norm...where the groom, accompanied by 2 musicians and an Italian singer, is dedicating a love song to his beloved.

Is that too much? We don’t think so....rather it’s a pity that these things don’t happen more often because when they do, you will remember it for a lifetime!

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