About Your Wedding Planner in Italy


No wedding is alike. Thankfully. Each ceremony represents the combination of one's dreams, desires, and personality that embodies the style of the couple.

This site was created to satisfy our client's need for a "closer look" into Italy, an authentic and in-depth approach to your potential wedding destination in Italy. At The Italian Wedding Event, we have certain areas of particular interest that we thought deserved a little more attention. We decided to put our knowledge and expertise at your service, and to share with you those little secrets that make our beautiful country so unique.

Browsing this site you will not only find technical information, unquestionably necessary, that could easily be found on other sites, but also our unique and exclusive tips, logistical hints, styles and ideas that are the fruit of years of experience in the field. This in contrast to the rampant and generic competition of today in the world of destination wedding planning. In short we want to offer our customers, who may feel lost in front of a multitude of new uncontrolled wedding planning agencies, a different product, fresh and innovative, but at the same time qualified and qualifying.

We provide an experience, not just a "standardized" wedding package, which is enriched and customized with our help and that of all our trusted wedding suppliers day to day. This means that through a sincere and open dialogue we will be able to recommend the best options to satisfy your expectations and budget. Communication is key, and we are committed to facilitating it through the innovative services we provide, shortening the distances and making the experience of planning easy and accessible. Email, video and phone conferences (free of charge), web pages dedicated to the customer, blogs, social media, and so on.

Why choose us as your Wedding Planners
in Italy

1. Passion

First and foremost is the passion that we have for marriages and the country of Italy. We couldn't image being more proud of a country. We have lived in Italy our whole lives and love our families, the cuisine, the beautiful landscapes, and the people that inhabit our land.

2. Save Money

Good advice can save you money! A good wedding planner is able to stretch a budget to ensure clients are receiving all the perks possible. It is essential in order to help clients to be realistic when setting a budget. We are able to organize a memorable event staying within our clients' budget, alleviating their financial concerns.

3. Less Stress

Leave the stressful preparations up to us. We will also follow you step by step in the paperwork procedures and provide you a detailed wedding program before your departure.

4. Save your precious time

Full time careers, children, and other obligations do not always allow for the time consuming phone calls and site inspections required to identify the best vendors. We will assist in all your needs to communicate through Italian vendors and locations. We can administer everything and/or pick specific areas for you to organize. You will be involved as much or as little as you prefer. Even if you decide you want to organize all of the pre-planning on your own, you may want to consider bringing in a wedding planner to oversee your day-of services. We are able to skillfully and confidently guide you through the entire process without taking more control than our clients wish for.

5. Quality of Service Providers

We only work with the highest quality of wedding service vendors. Fortunately, We have lived our life in Italy and specifically in many of these areas that we host weddings in. This has been very important in our careers and we believe it greatly benefits our clients by providing them with the most qualified vendors. We make sure the vendors provide the best service in their areas of interests and build with them a strong and confident relationship, which assures our clients the best overall service.

6. Supervision and cooperation

We will give you ourcomplete supervision and cooperation in order to assure that the wedding goes exactly as you planned.

7. Customize your wedding

Due to our immense knowledge of Italy, it is possible to build a personalized package which materializes your expectations, wishes and budget. Tell us what you would like and we will make your wedding come true!

8. Concerns are prioritized

Our ultimate concern as wedding planners is setting up a wedding to be the most perfect event that our clients have always dreamt of. We assist our clients by becoming a friend and partner in their wedding preparations. A wedding is most likely the most important day in a person's life. We find fulfillment in assisting with everyone involved and materializing that which you have always imagined. We come up with ideas and find solutions to materialize your perfect wedding by listening to your needs and desires.

9. Confidence

We are confident that we can make your wedding the best possible by allowing you complete control of your wedding. We will provide our services, knowledge, and passion to create what you want!

10. Honesty

We understand the dynamics of coordinating an event from two different parts of the world. We have very personal relationships with our vendors and want to bridge that connection of honestly with all the parties involved. Italians are filled with love and want to accommodate the needs of foreign tourists. Unfortunately many larger companies come in and try to exploit their naive passionate ways. Since all aspects of the wedding planning will go directly through us, these vendors trust our honestly and faithfulness. They will guarantee us the best of their service and We will be able to pass that onto you and your wedding event.

11. Special Offers

This is one of the most important aspects of our business. Since we personally know almost all of our vendors and have traveled and lived in their areas, they are offering to us many exclusive services. Services that are not allowed by other wedding planners. Some of these churches, hotels and restaurants are only available through personal negotiations because of their location, prestige and intimacy. Since We will work on a personal level with our clients, we will be able to convince our vendors that our clients will come to their establishment with excitement, respect, and honesty.

Our Wedding Planners

Our team of qualified planners, each with a background of international experience, can guarantee that indispensable link and cohesion between the Italian culture, attractive and fascinating, with your own on your Big Day. The two cultures can no doubt co-exist, even enrich one another, and that is what makes our work as wedding planners so captivating and interesting every day.

Federica Nascimben Federica Nascimben CEO & Wedding Director

Federica founded The Italian Wedding Event in 2005 after a 4-year long experience with top American and British wedding planning agencies. The communicative sensibility that characterizes Federica's approach to each customer is based equally on her innate personal qualities as well as her rigorous educational journey that began with a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, with a specialization in art for tourism at the University of Venice; followed by a Master's degree in Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex in Brighton; and culminating with a Performance Management diploma issued by the Lazio Region.

Federica's background in perfoming arts is noticable in her approach to event design and organization, characterized by an unmistakable mark of creativity and attention to detail for aesthetics. Her Venetian origins spurred a passion for winemaking, and had the opportunity to expand her knowledge of food and wine during her experience working with major hotels throughout the country.

Francesca Stunell Francesca Stunell Wedding Planner

Francesca was born and raised in London, England. Half Italian and half British, her Mediterranean roots inspired her to move to Rome in 2009, a life-long dream.

She had established a successful career as a Spa Manager and expert in the beauty industry before travelling to the Middle East and around Italy as an interpreter for businesses and even weddings... then to meet Federica and make the progression into planning them!

Her sensitivity, warm nature and sense of style, with her focus always on the clients, making you describe your perfect day first and foremost in order to assist you in creating your most memorable day possible. All the while reserving her ears for you and her eyes set on the big day, you'll come away with a friend.

Her passions and pastimes include music, baking and exploring, her friends nicknaming her "Time Out Magazine" - a reference point for what's hot and what's not!

Alessia Ciaravolo Alessia Ciaravolo Wedding Planner

Alessia was born in Naples, one of Italy's most exciting cities, first exploring her innate eye for beauty and colour at the Academy of Fine Arts, completing a degree in Scenography.
This paved the way beautifully for a career in events, as the next stop was the incomparable Venice, where she completed a Corporate & Private Events programme at the European Institute of Design.
Her passion and ambition allowed her to work instantly in the Events Industry, starting with large scale corportate planning & coordination for sporting events. This experience was fundamental, but missing the true personalisation and attention to detail that only Wedding Planning can bring!

Fascinated by Floral Design and with an eye for new trends, Alessia travelled to Como, where she further developed skills in Floral Project Design, overseeing their creations, at exclusive weddings between Lake Como and the Italian Riviera.
Her positive and sunny personality, influenced by the warmth and the hospitality of her land, in addition to her important blend of experience led her to the Italian Wedding Event to create one-of-a-kind events across Italy.