Wedding Videos

A video of your Italian wedding will allow your emotions to last forever together with the music, the voices and the people who mean so much for you.

One of our most “delicate” services, as the line between elegant and badly done can be easily crossed when you do not choose the right videographer.

For this reason we make this selection with great care, preferably choosing a photographer and videographer that have previously worked together. Like a ballet, in fact, knowing how to work together without interfering with or impeding the work of others is essential for a perfect realization of both elements.

In order to facilitate the work of our videographers and editing process to ensure our clients' needs are met, we ask our couples to specify which moments are essential to the video; whether you request the full coverage of the ceremony complete with speeches, or if they prefer to leave the decision at the editor’s discretion.

Our wedding videos are produced with the latest and most sophisticated technologies and are compatible with all types of equipment worldwide.

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