Wedding in Italy

Weddings in Amalfi Coast & Sorrento

Let the sun shine on your wedding day and enjoy the beauty of this fantastic land.

Even if you have never heard the name of this Italian region, we'll bet you've dreamed of visiting it at least once! With Naples as its capital, it is home to the world-renowned Amalfi Coast (Praiano, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello), the ancient city of Pompei and so much more.

What else is it proud of? If you asked a local, the first thing he would probably points out is that this is the birthplace of Pizza, Spaghetti, and Buffalo Mozzarella. Now try to imagine how delicious would be the menu of your wedding in Campania... We were right, weren't we? You have already dreamed of visiting Campania and possibly a wedding in the Amalfi Coast!

The Amalfi Coast can be found in Campania and is a region celebrated for its climate, the fertility of the lands and the astonishingly beautiful landscapes. The territory is mostly gentle hills, apart from the Matese mountains bordering Molise and the rugged Irpinia area. The Vesuvius on the Gulf of Naples is one of the very few still active volcanoes in Europe. The two beautiful gulfs of Naples and Salerno with the Amalfi coast, separated by the Sorrento peninsula, are world famous for the high cliffs, sandy bays, grottoes and islands (Ischia, Procida, Capri).

Each view is an enchanting postcard picture and the perfect scenario for a fabulous wedding. The feel of the air, the odours of the pine trees, lemons and oranges ensure a great experience for the senses. Get married in the Amalfi Coast & Campania, a region that the ancients rightly called "felix ager", a happy land.

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