Wedding in Italy


Taxi, Coaches, Boats, Carriages, Private drivers, Antique Cars. Transportation for relatives and guests for your wedding in Italy.

When choreographing a wedding in Italy, the bride and groom’s transportation plays an important role.

The car chosen for the ceremony should be spacious enough for the bride's dress, any parent or others on the way to the church, and for the newlyweds immediately after the ceremony.

We have the honor of working with the best agencies specialized in this field that can offer a wide variety of models such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Ferrari, modern or vintage.

And like most services, it is best to book early to ensure availability. As your wedding planner in Italy, we will take care of all transportation logistics, before and after your wedding day so that you are free to enjoy every single moment without stress.

From organizing transfers to and from airports, to coordinating your guest’s transport with local companies on the day of your wedding, if necessary, all is included in our assistance packages.

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