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However you choose to say "I Do"

Now that the proposal has been made, it's time to think about the type of ceremony you will have to declare your love to each other. Whether a civil wedding, catholic blessing or a personalised symbolic ceremony - your ceremony is the most important part of the day.

Civil ceremonies in Italy are often performed in majestic town halls, historic palazzos and sometimes even open-air! Certain special reception locations in Italy will even allow the opportunity to hold a legally binding ceremony onsite, allowing you to have the whole event in one place. Catholic ceremonies will take place only within Catholic churches across Italy, while Symbolic ceremonies can be performed wherever your heart desires - beaches, lush gardens, rooftop terraces - the choice really is all yours. Often with a symbolic ceremony, your whole event will be performed in the same location, however if your heart desires a different location - with this ceremony option everything is possible.

To make your choice as easy as possible, we have explained in detail the differences between the ceremony types. Find out the differences between them all below and discover which will work for you and
your wedding in Italy.

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