Wedding in Capri & Ischia

Weddings in Capri & Ischia

Get married in Italy's most beautiful and exclusive locations, the islands of Capri & Ischia.

When it comes to breathtaking locations for a wedding in Italy, Italy's islands are among the most beautiful options of all. From exclusive to rustic, you'll find your style in either glamorous Capri or the undeniable natural beauty of Ischia, both boast gorgeous scenery, the freshest of seafood, beautiful beaches and local charm.

Capri needs no introduction, the glamorous island in the Amalfi Coast is the most chic location in all of Italy. Beauty is everywhere and in abundance, one of the best locations for those looking to get married in Italy in true Dolce Vita style.

The town's picturesque streets are a dream to stroll down, lined with outdoor cafés and fine boutiques. The air is filled with the sweet scent of lemons, as flowers adorn the facades of the buildings at every turn.

A wedding in Capri promises soaring views over glistening waters and arrivals by boat, around stunning sea caves and dazzling cliffs. As a destination loved by a VIP clientele, the service is always impeccable and the food prepared to the highest standard. The locations even more beautiful in person. Sipping limoncello at your Capri wedding, with handmade designer sandals on your feet under a canopy of fruits, flowers and lights. An idyllic atmosphere to savour for the rest of your life!

It is also possible to get married in Capri in a garden setting, it is home to some of Italy?s most stunning. The Gardens of Augustus offer incredible views and allow for the best of both worlds, an exclusive Italian garden setting with the best of sea views.

It's impossible to speak of natural beauty and not mention Ischia, the effortlessly stunning island and one of the rarest and most precious jewels in Italy's crown.

A wedding in Ischia is very special, with a distinct and different character- Ischia is a stunning, rustic, untouched and enchanting location that leaves all visitors dreaming of their next visit and taste of paradise.

Ischia is a larger island, a perfect mix of lush greenery of the Isola Verde, white sandy beaches and jaw dropping romantic and rustic locations.

It is home to more than 100 natural thermal springs, with therapeutic healing powers.

To bask in the warm sun, swim the crystal waters and relax in these laid back surroundings is a dream holiday and perfect way to spend the days before and after your Ischia wedding.

The views to behold in Ischia are second to none and undoubtedly one of the most stunning locations of all is the Castello Aragonese - a medieval castle built upon a rock in the year 474 BC. Here, it is possibly to celebrate an unforgettable wedding in Ischia and watch the magic of the sunsetting over Ischia for your ceremony and cocktail hour.

The local wines are excellent, produced in the islands own vineyards and the cuisine is fresh, traditional and local. Boating in both islands are preferred activities and pastimes, diving into the waters and swimming inside the sea caves. The gorgeous town boasts unique boutiques and charming craft shops.

Ask us more about a Capri wedding or to get married in Ischia, we have carefully selected the most beautiful locations in both of these unique and incredible islands and cannot wait to share their beauty with you and your guests.


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