Wedding in Rome

Weddings in Rome

Rome - the Eternal City - the perfect location to celebrate your never-ending love

Lazio is the heart of Italy, not only for its central position within the country, but due to the country's capital city of Rome, the city reknowned for Italian excellence, romance and history.

There is nowhere quite like Rome, home to some of the worlds most important historical sights such as the Colliseum, the Trevi fountain and the Pantheon, not to mention the Vatican, the birthplace of Christian culture. It is exciting, romantic, the birth place of La Dolce Vita, in short, Rome weddings are whirlwinds of emotion!

Ancient thermal baths, built by the Romans, and places such as the stunning Villa Borghese park offer tranquility between the hustle and bustle of the city. Weddings in Rome have endless possibilities for venues, from historical palazzos, noble villas with perfectly groomed gardens, luxury hotels and panoramic terraces with their jaw-dropping vistas. For the great religious history this city holds, wedding venues in Italy for Catholic weddings in Rome are second to none, with some of the worlds most impressive and important churches and cathedrals.

Lazio weddings offer much more than just the capital city, with the countryside, mountains, hills, picturesque villages and coastal towns to enjoy, all of which in easy to reach from the city of Rome via private transfer or train.

Tivoli is among the most enchanting, the perfect wedding destination for those looking for a respite from the city, not to mention how stunning it is in its own right, a village of winding cobbled streets and two UNESCO World Heritage sites, just imagine having your Villa D'Este wedding photos to last a lifetime, or stunning shots taken in the great Villa Adriana! Weddings in Tivoli can also take place in the stunning Villa Gregoriana, an ethereal park with stunning waterfalls. where it is now possible to have a legally binding Italian weddings outside.

Lazio also boasts a long coastline along the Tyrrhenian Sea and is crossed by the Tiber River. Couples who long for a wedding in Italy at the waters edge will love the serene, glistening lakes throughout the region, such as Lake Bracciano, where you can explore the nearby castle and the Medieval village streets, a dream Italian wedding location. Seaside villages such as Sperlong, Sabaudia and Gaeta are easily reachable and make beautiful getaways for seaside lovers!

Weddings in Rome and Lazio are your chance to get married among Italian history at it's very finest.

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Why get married in Rome

  • Cradle of Roman civilization
  • Eternal City magic atmosphere
  • Suggestive sights and beautiful piazzas
  • Easy reached from all over the world
  • Big choice of historical and cultural attractions


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Weddings in Rome

Weddings in Rome

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