Weddings in Lucca & Pisa

Historic dream wedding setting


Lucca is certainly one of the city most conveniently located in the north of Tuscany, close to the sea and the mountains and to other beautiful places like Florence, Pisa and the Cinque Terre/the Italian Riviera. It is also very close to the International Airport of Pisa.

The town itself is spectacular: a classic sample of walled city with many hostorical and artistic attttractions to be explored.


In the city centre the town hall does offer the possibility to get married civilly in a tiny frescoed hall, otherwise you can select of the spectacular villas around Lucca for an outdoor garden wedding where you can  also organnize your reception.

Etruscan settlement, Roman city, a medieval commercial harbor, a powerful Maritime Republic, a bitter enemy of Florence, Lucca and Genoa, a magnificent noble city in the 17th century, a host town for many artists in the 19th century, an excellent University town in the last few centuries, home to some of the most prestigious Academies in the world, and also a fantastic Italian Wedding Destination: these few lines make it evident that Pisa is definitely much more than a bell tower, albeit a very beautiful one. Get Married in Pisa can be a nice occasion way to discover the celebrated region of Tuscany.

The area was first settled by the Liguri and was then inhabited by the Etruscans who left many signs of their passage. The real development as a city arrived with the Roman era: the present layout of the most ancient part of the city centre is the clearest proof of their presence. At that time, Pisa was a coastal town and a very important Roman port.

The city is divided in two halves by the river Arno, the same which passes through Florence, and which flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea at Marina di Pisa. Nowadays, the coast is 12km away, since over the centuries debris from the river sanded up its watercourse downstream and moved the coast away. The city was badly damaged by bombing during the 2nd World War, but it is nowadays being totally restored and brought back to its ancient splendor; a splendor you will admire if you choose to Celebrate Your Wedding in Pisa.

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Why get married in Lucca & Pisa

- Logistically well located close to the airport

- Close to the sea and the mountains and immersed in the countryside

- Historic and artistic town with many attractions to be visited

- Available many villas where you can organize your legally binding ceremony and the wedding reception at the same place

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