Wedding in Tivoli

Weddings in Tivoli

A worldly known town for its wonderful gardens, fountains, villas.

Tivoli is a historic hilltown in the Lazio region of Italy: Tivoli's two most famous tourist attractions are the magnificent gardens of the Villa d'Este and the extensive ruins of Hadrian's Villa (known as the Villa Adriana).

Tivoli is situated on the Aniene river to the east of Rome, in the Monti Tiburtini hills where the climate is fresher than Rome's. For this reason, the area was popular from ancient times onwards with Rome's moneyed classes, who built summer retreats in the area. As the town was on a major trading route from Rometo the Abruzzo region, Tivoli has always been an important settlement.

Modern Tivoli has around 50,000 inhabitants, and spreads out far beyond the crumblingly city centre. In the suburb of Bagni di Tivoli, on the plains below the town centre, it is still possible to bathe in natural thermal springs. The fourth century BC town wall is still visible, as are temples from the second century BC.

Tivoli is the Perfect Wedding Location if you are looking for an intimate ceremony away from the bustle of Rome.

The Civil Wedding Hall is simply fabulous with its ancient frescos and the atmophere is warm thanks to the friendly attitude of the Civil Officiant who will marry you, where time is taken a little more (compared to Rome, the city centre, where the ceremonies are usually quicker and less personal).

There is plenty to occupy the visitors in Tivoli for a day, even if they miss out one of the two famous villas. Travellers keen to see all the sights of the area should note that the Villa Adriana is actually a bus ride outside town; and they may find their day stretched to an uncomfortable length. If you are very keen on spending a long time at the monuments, or planning to travel onwards through Italy this may be worth considering staying in Tivoli.

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Why get married in Tivoli

  • Ancient and precious villas
  • Picturesque historical centre
  • Natural thermal spring
  • Delicious traditional cuisine
  • Vicinity to the Capital Rome

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