Spectacular villa overlooking the Aniene Valley

Spectacular Villa overlooking the Aniene Valley and the ancient Acropolis

Unique Villa surronded by an impressive natural park

Commissioned by Pope Gregory XVI in 1835, this unspoiled place was a favourite destination for artists, writers and men of culture. Recently restored, it is now opened to the public.

The entire Villa is under the protection and management of the Italian Environmental Fund.

Well known for its natural splendours, immersed in a natural park, woods, paths and vegetation, this Villa is famous also for its Great Waterwall, the Grottoes of Neptune or the Sirens and the Temple of Vesta. You can admire and walk through several routes leading to the impressive Cascade, then into the Cave and the ruins of a Roman villa.

The Ceremony and the Reception can take place in one of the most enchanting spots with panoramic views on the Cascade, the ancient ruins and the Roman temple overlooking the valley.

The charm of this Romantic Park makes it the unique scenario for your Memorable Wedding!

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