Ischia panoramic sea view

Villa museum located proudly on a hill overlooking the sea

Impressive 18th Century villa transformed into a museum with piece of art from various eras

Located in a charming panoramic position on the hill overlooking the lovely Town and the sea beyond, this Historical villa ws bought by Angelo Rizzoli in 1950 and he moved to the island to live here.

After fifty years the villa has been sold to the community of Lacco Ameno, which decided to transform it into a museum. It hosts archeological finds of rare beauty, from Greco-Roman artefacts that were originally produced on the island, as well as from other mediterranean regions that show the island's history of commerce with other cultures.

The most important piece of art is "Nestor's Cup" dated back to the 8th Century BC.

Outside the main building there is a spectacular garden filled with tropical plants and charactheristic orange trees. You can also admire the beautiful and locally made ceramics in several areas of the villa.

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