Medieval castle in Ischia

Medieval Castle on the Island of Ischia

A Monumental Castle Built on Volcanic Rock

This impressive castle was built in 474 BC on a volcanic rock that is now connected by a stone bridge to the main island of Ischia. As one can imagine, this fortress was at the center of historic attention throughout the ages as it is built in a strategic location. Since the early 1900's it has been privately owned, and is now one of the most visited attractions of the Island.

The spectacular ruins and structures are testaments to its important history, and the chapels are truly breathtaking. The property now boasts a luxury hotel as well where guests can relax and enjoy the ambiance of a private island that has been frozen in time. Enjoy your historic surroundings while being pampered by the most modern and luxurious comforts offered by the hotel and spa.

The castle has two beautiful terraces that they propose for wedding ceremonies with spectacular views.

You can even hold your symbolic or a non catholic religious ceremony in their ancient cathedral, bursting with art and history.

A magical place for a relaxing getaway and unforgettable wedding!

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