Elegant historical Wedding venue near Lake Garda

Elegant XVIII century historical Villa

Gorgeous Villa located near Lake Garda and the Unesco World Heritage City of Verona

Gorgeous Villa dating back to the 18th Century located in a valley surrounded by vineyards and lush forests.

This Unique private villa provides a perfect setting for a memorable wedding day!

The construction was started in 1700 by the Fattori Family and then was sold to a noble family who finished the works adding the beautiful English Romantic garden, besides starting the wine business in the same period. In 1957 the Villa was completely restored,improving the winery to keep on the tradition of making high quality and fine Italian wine.

The Building consists in the central structure of the villa, the chapel and the winery cellars. The spectacular Chaber of the Muses can host up to 100 guests and features amazing paintings of statues representing the Muses of the Arts and impressive frescoes on the ceiling.

Another option for the reception is the Antica Tinaia, which can seat up to 150 guests.

For an outdoor lunch or dinner, you can decide to set it in the garden and for the after dinner, you can have a party until late at night.

More importance has been given to the beauty of the garden adding a wide variety of exotic plants and even a pond. Infact the Villas garden is known as one of the most relevant historical Italian park.

Noteworthy is the production of wine, the classic Valpolicella Amarone wine was invented by mistake of a cellarman who left a Recioto fermenting longer than expected.

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