Beautiful Castle in Umbria

Unique Historic Residence

Savor the fairytale atmosphere of the 14th century in this historic castle surrounded by the lush Umbrian hills in central Italy, and be pampered like royalty

This amazing castle was built in 1387 in a strategic location and it consistes of two buildings, put in communication by a large terrace. It is an architectural treasure dating from the 1300's which has been transformed into one of the most unique and unforgettable historic residences in Umbria.

Experience the romantic thrill of staying in a medieval watchtower: four of the five rooms are set in this unique location.

Arriving by car, you access directly in the Court through a gate in the walls; from there you can reach the Church, the Presidium, the outside pool and by a stairway, the terrace which gives access to the tower. The Church has resumed, thanks to the restoration, its original appearance, plaster hairpieces from walls,which have brought to light, in addition to beautiful times with ashlars selected, even part of a crucifixion of fourteenth-century era in the restoration course. A very unique and special location for your catholic service or symbolic wedding in Umbria!

The presidio, consists of two levels connected by an internal staircase: the ground floor, with room for handicap accessible from one branch of the Central driveway without architectural barriers, and the first floor which houses the kitchen. The room, characterized by the high ceiling with wooden beams, is decorated with an ancient ceremonial bench, decorated with vegetal elements typical of the Baroque period, with one cupboard/Cabinet made of walnut and thick oak.

The bathroom, covered with ancient majolica is equipped with all comforts and responds to the needs of the disabled. All rooms are equipped with heating and cooling of autonomous management.

The kitchen is characterized by the collections of copper and ceramics utensils, displayed on the walls that recreate a warm atmosphere. Coming out of the kitchen, you will find a terrace decorated with terracotta orci, chairs and tables outside,useful to enjoy the coolness typical of the summer evenings and usable as solarium during the day; a wooden stairway leads to the door of the Tower Defense.

Getting off the wooden stairway you will find yourself into a relaxation room with Internet, tv, telephone,stereo, furnished with sofas and armchairs suited to read, relax and stay together, given the large number of seats.

Going up on the fourth floor there is the first bedroom Tower, equipped with all comforts, characterized by a sober decor.

On the 5th floor, you access the second bedroom, very similar to the first for furniture and differentiated primarily by the size, floor coverings, in this case with vaulted brick and stone, in the other with wooden beams.

On the sixth floor there is the third bedroom, housed in what was the room of shelter from the weather for soldiers guard at the top of the tower. Although smaller, both widthwise extension, has a particular charm as a result of either access to the embattled caregiver/outdoor terrace at Guelph, from which offers unsurpassed on the Castle and the Valley.

We do highly recommend this venue as your ideal location to spent time with family and friends and a very unique and special venue for your wedding ceremony and reception in Umbria!

You can plan your destination wedding in Umbria with legal validity in the castle courtyard or terraces or, for Catholic ceremonies, in the consecrated chapel. The castle can host receptions for up to 120 guests (indoor capacity up to 15-20 people).

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