Catholic Wedding in Umbria

The Magnificent Duomo

Great iconic monument in Umbria

Impressive Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the centre of Orvieto. The first stone was laid in 1290 by Pope Nicholas IV and the construction, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, lasted almost three centuries.

It represents one of the most artistic masterpiece of the late Italian Middle Age.

The design was intially Romanesque with a nave and two side aisles, but it evolved into new Italian Gothic appearance. There were several master architects and artists who succeded during the construction, until in 1309 the architect Lorenzo Maitani took over changing the design inspired by Siena Cathedral.

The facade presents a gold frontage and bas reliefs, decorated by many scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and the Old and New Testament.

To complete the mosaics, it started around 1350 to end around 1390.

In the centre of the mosaics you admire the large rose window designed by the sculptor Orcagna in 1354 and finished in 1380 and it features the apostles, the Old Testament prophets in a typical Gothic style. The frame of the rose presents 52 carved heads, while in the centre, it is hold a carved head of the Christ.

The three stunning bronze doors give the acces to the cathedral and they were finished in 1970 by the Siclian sculptor Emilio Greco, representing mercies from the life of the Christ.

Behind the main altar you will admire gorgeous frescoes dedicated to the life of the Madonna, painted in 1370 by Ugolino di Prete Ilario. And on the north side of the aisle, there is the Chapel of the Corporal, built in 1350 which contains the stained corporal of the miracle of Bolsena.



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