Magnificent Abbey overlooking the sea view for your Wedding in the Italian Riviera

An exclusive medieval Abbey

Rising spectacularly above the Portofino coastline, this 13th century Abbey is a stunning venue for your romantic ceremony on a terrace overlooking the sparkling blue sea

A venue so rich and full of history, located half way between Santa Margherita Ligure and ideal location for those people looking for quite and peace for your wedding in the Italian Riviera.

The cloister of the complex is the first area to welcome you and the guests which is also the ideal place for a truly spectacular and memorable cut of the cake, illuminated by hundreds of candles. Then you will feel so lost in the beauty of an Italian-style garden where we would also suggest to organize your wedding welcome cocktail, so guests could refresh and enjoy the dramatic view of Portofino and the ocean.

The Italian Wedding Events planner together with the extreme professional staff of this venue will make sure to help you experience unmatched enchantment of this centuries-old monastery.

The unique, varied design of this complex and the multiple different spaces available allows you to hold different portions of an event in different places or rooms, all accompanied by the incomparable setting both indoor and outdoor. Obviously your event, your wedding will be also personalized and designed around you. A welcome in the cloister, an aperitif in the Wisteria Court or on the Portofino Terrace, dinner in the extraordinary succession of dining halls, dancing in the Gardenia Garden or in the Hall of the Emperors: these are just a few examples of how the flexibility of the facility assures that your event will be custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements.

This is a very special venue if you are looking for one of the most exclusive spot in the whole Italian Riviera. It is not an hotel even though starting from 2013 they can also offer 9 bedrooms. This venue concentrates on tailor made events, each one very personalized according to individual preferences and tastes.

Each and every event is done in exclusive use, that means that there won't be other events or guests during yours. Because of the high quality standard of the outcome of each and every event and because of the uniqueness of the venue, this venue manages and coordinates all the events-related aspects including food & beverage, flower arrangement, music entertainment and photography service, as well as other if required.

There is also a particular attention to the catering service, which is done by the venue's chef and his staff on the premises in their own kitchens to be sure the food is always of the highest quality. There is no time limit or restriction for music in the nighttime. You can choose a different place for each moment of the wedding (ceremony, cocktail, dinner and after dinner) and they also have choices for the backup in case of bad weather.

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