Wedding in Amalfi Coast

Magical Villa perched on a clifftop overlooking the sea

Enchanting Villa with breathtaking views over the Marina Grande Bay

The Villa was the refuge of a nobleman from Paris, Jacques D'Adelsward Fersen, who decided to have this secluded home built in 1904 in the North of the Island. The project was commissioned to the Parisian designer Chimot. Fersen preferred the Louis XVI style because he aimed to create something unique and sophisticated to Capri.

He named the Villa in memory of a young Socrate's disciple.

The villa consisted of 3 floors and it boasts precious marble, decorations, vaults, beautiful columns and terraces overlooking the sea view. All of which have been influenced by the luxurious Louis XVI style, the Neoclassic movement, Greek and Art Nouveau design. The salon recalls Klimt and Vienna Secession, with Oriental influences as well.

The Villa became a gathering place for artists, poets and writers who travelled to Capri in the early 19th Century.

This beautiful villa is a delightful location in which to celebrate your civil marriage in Capri Island!

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