Venetian Place on the Grand Canal

Venetian Palace on the Grand Canal

If your dream is to live the most magical day of your life in a Venetian Palace this is no doubts your place!

There�s really something very seductive about this Palace.

Outside it will leave you breathless, with its lavish pink fa�ade and view on the Grand Canal. Inside the Hotel is all space, art and beauty together.

This is a real treasure: the restoration carefully enhances the original noble features, delighting while evoking respect for a time gone by. Throughout your stay you will discover the cultural richness of Venice while indulging in the purest Italian style of hospitality. If you dream of Venice you will dream of this Palace: romantic, mysterious, unforgettable. For all your unique moments: your Wedding, your Anniversary, your Special Occasions.

The all inclusive package of this Palace offers: the Aperitif in the romantic setting of our spectacular Halls One of the Historical Ballroom at your exclusive use for your Day of the Days Our clock room service for your Guests ,the flower decorations on the tables (standard), the tables sitting plan and menu printing.

This Palace offers different solutions for your wedding reception, since it does have many spaces available: The Portego (lit. porch), a typical architectural feature of Venetian palaces, is a huge high-beamed hall located on the piano nobile (noble floor) from which all function rooms lead off. It is preceded by the magnificent staircase of the palazzo, very well known to art historians for the huge painting 'The Fall of the Giants' dominating it, the only existing fresco in the world by the famous Venetian painter Pietro Longhi (1701 - 1785) who signed it in 1734. Upon entry, your eye is captured by the wide gothic windows at the end of the room, offering an enchanting view of the Grand Canal: the Rialto bridge, the Pescheria (fish market), the Cà Oro, the gondolas and boats on the Canal. The fine trompe-oeil paintings depicting imaginary natural settings on the walls are by the 18th century artist Andrea Urbani, made in the late XVIII century.

A refined ambience, full of light, suitable for about 150 guests. The Music Ballroom The Palazzo's sumptuous Sala della Musica, the main Ballroom in the Palazzo, will let you relive the pomp of the past. In this double-height hall, ancient gilt bronze chandeliers enlighten the 18th century trompe l�oeil paintings by Gaspare Diziani (1689 - 1767), turning the walls into a wide scene: on stage, the so called 'Villas Civilization' with its elegant rituals, shared also by the Sagredos in their countryside villa just outside Venice. The incredible acoustic in this room fills it with music: just by skimming over the piano keyboard, the figures in the frescoes seem to turn to life. The beauty of this room, its timeless atmosphere and one-of-a kind decorations, makes any event just unforgettable. La Sala Amigoni The painter Jacopo Amigoni (1682 - 1752) was one of the first and most appreciated representatives of Venetian rococo, which in fact was also called Amigoni's style in Germany. Adjacent to the Portego, the Sala Amigoni is the connection area with the other function rooms of the noble floor. Decorated with elegant coloured stucco medallions, it can be turned into a hospitality lounge for major events and it is perfect for blessings and cocktail reception. La Sala del Doge The room takes its name from a famous portrait which was displayed here in the past. On the ceiling the painting 'The defeat of vices', attributed to Nicolï'sBambini, is preserved, as well as pastel stucco moldings by the 18th century artist Abbondio Stazio and Carpoforo Mazzetti, to whom we owe the exceptional stucco decorations enriching several parts of the Palazzo. La Sala del Tiepolo This room, adjacent to the Ballroom, is dedicated to the giant of 18th century Venetian painting, Giambattista Tiepolo (1696 - 1770), to whom the oil on canvas 'Homage to Venice' dominating the ceiling is attributed.

The artwork was skillfully recovered during the last restoration campaign, despite the serious damages of the past. This is the only painting among the many commissioned by the historical owners and still preserved in the original location. The mythological scene depicted on the grey-blue background, the gilded moldings framing it make this room a refined space suitable for elegan dinnerst, as well as hospitality suite for the Sala della Musica nearby. The maximum capacity is for 110 guests in the The Music Ballroom. La Sala Amigoni can hold a symbolic ceremony for a maximum of 50 guests. Accommodation Most of the 42 bedrooms and suites still retain many signs of a glorious past, including superb masterpieces by important 17th and 18th century Venetian artists such as Nicolis Bambini, Giambattista Tiepolo, Sebastiano Ricci and Pietro Longhi  a rare example of time having stood still. No other hotel combines elegance, history and hospitality with the same passion. Each room, boasting a view over the Canal Grande or the roofs and squares, is quite unique and decorated differently in a style of subtle yet highly refined elegance. All our Rooms include a marble bathroom with a bath or overhead shower, air conditioning, internet access, TV, phone, hairdryer, a safe, minibar and a work desk.

You will feel like an 18th century Venetian noble!

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