Catholic Wedding in Venice

Baroque Church in Venice

Located near the district of St. Mark's Square

Built in the 8th Century, this Church was renovated in 1105 after the fire that devasted the city of Venice and again in 1632. It is dedicated to Moses since the Venetian considered Old Testament prophets as canonized saints.

The Baroque facade, was designed in 1668 by Alessandro Tremignon. The rebuilding was paid for by the noble Vincenzo Fini, whose bust can be admired on an obelisk of the facade.

The Church has one nave which ends in a main chapel, and there are also two side chapels.

The sculptures are attributed to the Flemish artist Heinrich Meyring who also carved the impressive sculpture on the main altar. It represents Moses who climbed the rochy mountain to receive the commandments.

The Church boasts impressive paintings by Tintoretto and Michelangelo Morlaiter. 


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