Catholic Wedding in Umbria

The Abbey of Saint Peter

Benedictine Abbey founded in the 10th Century

Part of the 15th Century expansion of the city walls, this Abbey was founded in the 10th Century and was once the most powerful Benedictine monastery in Umbria. It has preserved its original architecture with its beautiful courtyard surrounded by a portico on all four sides.

The entrance boasts an amazing 16th Century portal designed by Valentino Martelli and made from white marble.

The interior is a unique fusion of medieval architecture and decorative late mannerist work. There are three naves divided by columns and in its nave you can admire large painting with scenes from the Old and New Testament. The altar consists of pillars, columns, domes made from polychrome marbles.

The sacristy was built in 1451 and presents gorgeous frescoes on the ceiling like "The Old Testament Stories" and on the walls the "Stories from the Lives of Saints Peter and Paul" by Vincenzo Danti, along with 5 small paintings by Perugino.

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