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Your Civil Wedding in Orvieto

Historical setting for weddings in Orvieto

This Old Town has a powerful charming for its history and position, almost suspended and isolated from the rest of the valley. You can acces to the centre through several large gates which maintain their historical beauty over centuries.

Civil Wedding in Orvieto can take place in different impressive locations:

  • The magnificent Palazzo del Popolo, located behind Torre del Moro. The Building was originally the residence of the Major Medieval figure. In 1537 and 1581 it was restored based on a project by Scalza that gave the Palace a solemnity appearance as we can see today.
  • The Mancinelli Theater along the main street, Corso Cavour, takes the name of the famous local composer and conductor, Luigi Mancinelli. This elegant building features a two-tiered portico with seven arches on each tier. Inside you can admire the marvellous frescoes ?Danza delle Ore? on the ceiling and ?Le 3 Muse? by Cesare Fracassini.
  • The impressive Saint Francis Cloister


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