Catholic Wedding in Siena

Church in The Heart Of Siena

A majestic church

A 12th century church situated in the historical centre of Siena: a magnificent Gothic style church!

The church it is made of brick and has a sober imposing aspect.

The ridged fa?ade is enlivened with marble sculpture. An imposing bell tower was added in the eighteenth century and finally the impressive brick fa?ade with a white marble portal is the work of two well known nineteenth century architects. The portal is gabled and decorated with statues and high relief in the lunette.

On the aisles are seven very huge narrow double windows crowned with pointed arches. Inside the church is striking and it has the shape of an Egyptian cross with a transept, a square apse, bare beams beneath the roof and a very huge single nave.

A wonderful atmosphere of meditation and ecstasy empathised by coloured light pouring in through the beautiful stained glass windows fills the place.

The new, bigger church was completed in 1475, but then, a few years later, the walls were raised to match the increased width of the renovated church. Francesco di Giorgio Martini was most probably the architect entrusted with this later project. The walls are covered with black and white marble, in a striped pattern. The light is filtered through tall stained glass windows.

What a backdrop for your wedding ceremony!

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