Magnificent Resort in Montalcino

An ancient estate turned into a luxury resort by the Ferragamo Family

This estate is incredible because it does offer an endless option of locations for all parties size, from the most intimate up to 200 people. This unique property has also a medieval church, an historic village with private villas that you can rent individually and old castle ruins, all the same place!


Below are descriptions of the best locations within the estate for a memorable wedding ceremony.

San Michele Arcangelo Church . A history of elegance repeats itself. Adorned with original frescoes by Sienese master painter Pietro Lorenzetti, the medieval church of San Michele Arcangelo provides a location steeped in tradition where couples can arrange religious or symbolic ceremonies. Indoor venue, maximum capacity: 50 guests 

Medieval castle ruins. Set in the heart of the Borgo, the evocative grounds surrounding the ruins of the estate’s medieval castle are amongst the most sought-after settings for outdoor wedding events. The ruins are the ultimate symbol of the estate, from which both our name and our wine label derive, creating a fil rouge, or theme, for the entire celebration. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 200 guests

Capanna vineyard. Immersed in the warm Tuscan sun, the estate’s Capanna vineyard provides a picturesque backdrop for ultimately authentic, rustic-chic wedding ceremonies. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 100 guests 


Based on the number of guests and the bride and groom’s preferences, there are numerous locations where we can organize incredible events.

Osteria. Located in the heart of the Borgo and attached to the church of San Michele, Osteria  restaurant offers the authentic, and warm atmosphere of a Tuscan trattoria. Indoor venue, maximum capacity 25 guests. Casual seating

Piazzetta of the borgo. Within the estate’s historic cobblestoned village, the Piazzetta, or town square, plays host to charming country-style wedding parties, rehearsal dinners and receptions. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 60 guests. Casual seating

Borgo's Restaurant. Inspired by the single-cru of Brunello di Montalcino produced by the estate’s winery, the restaurant’s evocative name pays homage to the Piazza del Campo in Siena. The indoor space, which offers stunning views of the green hills and sloping woodlands the Val d’Orcia, can be privatized for an event. Indoor venue, maximum capacity 120 guests. Banquet style

Pool terrace. The views of the hilltop town of Montalcino and UNESCO-listed Val d’Orcia are breathtaking any time of day. There is no better vantage point than The Pool Terrace, a quiet, relaxing setting beside the resort’s panoramic infinity pool. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 60 guests. Cocktail reception

Belvedere garden. Set in the Borgo, above the Chef’s Orto this garden faces a real “belvedere” of picturesque Tuscan rolling hills and cypress trees. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity 200 guests Cocktail reception

Kitchen Garden.Adjacent to the Chef’s Orto, this space offers an intimate yet convivial atmosphere for private dining experiences, standing cocktail receptions and casual BBQs overlooking the magnificent Montalcino. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 60 guests, Cocktail reception

Terrazza quadrata. Set inside the Borgo, this beautiful terrace overlooks to Montalcino and the Val d’Orcia and is embellished by a fountain. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 100 guests Cocktail reception: 100 guests; Casual seating: 60 guests

Villas. Dotting the iconic landscape of southern Tuscany, the estate’s beautifully transformed, stone-clad villas feature gorgeous gardens, terraces and pools. These sumptuous private hideaways are perfect for intimate wedding parties. Indoor venue, maximum capacity: 50 guests Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 200 guests Banquet style

Greenhouse and tents. Weather in the estate’s expansive garden, Giardino dei Bossi or amongst the ruins of the medieval castle and Villa Castello, greenhouses and tents of various sizes can be built to accommodate large events. It is a superb choice for receptions and after parties as well as an ideal back-up for inclement conditions. Outdoor venue, maximum capacity: 200 guests Banquet style

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