Wedding venue in Matera

Vintage Hotspot in the heart of Matera

Unique event location in the heart of the city

The coolest spot in Matera!

This location is situated in the heart of Matera with dynamic spaces that are perfect for events. Amber hued, vaulted stone ceilings with soft, inviting lighting, it is typical of the beautiful Matera style, but with a interesting twist.

The vision for this location, completely restored since 2014 from the 3 houses it once was, was that these spaces can be either comunicating for each moment of an event (making it perfect for a wedding in Matera for each moment of the reception) or that each space can be privately closed off for more intimate groups. There are 3 separate entrances for each zone, however internally they are all comunicating, true and reminicent of the cave dwellings of Matera itself.

The vibe is a vintage, candlelit, 1940s feel with contempory touches. Chic with a slightly underground feel. An ideal wedding venue in Matera for those searching for something special but unique.

The spaces include a private outdoor courtyard, their very own piazza, adorned with fruit trees and flowers, perfect for aperitifs and sundowners.

Inside there is a cosy library room, a clubhouse bar, restaurant and even an intimate private cinema theatre. It is a popular place for actos and producers to mingle, as well as hosting films. A referance point for cinema lovers, imagine having the Italian classics play during your wedding celebration!

It is a well-loved place for private parties, cultural events, intimate concerts and very cool weddings! To get married in Matera here means every detail studied around you, from themed cocktails, beautiful food, musical entertainment and more.

Perfect also for pre or post weddng parties.

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