Matera Wedding Venue and Views

Romantic & Intimate Candlelit Cave Retreat

Soaring views over the valleys and historical grounds of one of Italy's most treasured locations in the most romantic of settings

Imagine a location that you've only seen in storybooks and paintings, a dream-like place but immersed in deep history and culture.

Imagine majestic views, dozens of candles lit around you and the warm glow of Matera - this location is one of the most beautiful on offer.

Amongst the stunning caves of the historical city of Matera, currently the European capital of culture, this hotel is perfect for intimate weddings in Matera and events in all seasons. Whilst just outside of Puglia, this amazing location can be found in Basilicata, but a stone's throw away from the region of Puglia and it's incredible towns & vineyards.

Once described by the New York Times as one of the most extraordinary locations in the world, while also recognised by The Times as one of the 10 most beautiful hotels in the world.

The location can be found inside some of the most historic and antique rock caves of this spectacular city, it has been preserved meticolusly to maintain it's history, character and historical houses, with the addition of luxurious and romantic details. The furniture, where not original, have been made by hand by artisans to best emulate what once was inhabited cave houses in history.

The hotel itself has 18 historical rooms (can sleep 40) and each suite and room is unique and spacious, each with over 100 square metres of space. The relaxing atmosphere is remincent of another world, the suites are separated in individual cave settlements, each with private entrance. The accommodations are built on 3 levels, connected by staircases and terraces. Each room has personal access to the fruit and flower gardens and view across the Murgia park river valley.

Internal features capture the essence is its' history, antique wood furnishings crafted by artisans, handmade linens and soaps. Modenity is introduced through fittings, Agape - Stark bathtubs and bathrooms maintaining a minimal and essentiail design.

The stunning spaces for a ceremony and reception include their panoramic terrace, with views across the caves, historical rocks, archeological park lands and valley, ideal for a summer evening alfresco dinner for up to 60 guests on long or round tables, or even a special ceremony with a view.

Inside, the old church has been converted into a stunning nook, filled with candlelight. It is the most romantic setting for an intimate ceremony, or a special and intimate dinner with your closest family and friends.

Wonderful in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, this wedding location in Matera is one of a kind and one of the most special in all of Italy!

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