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Local Traditional Restaurant

Comfort food and relaxed atmosphere in this well-loved local restaurant

A firm local favourite in Matera, since opening in 2013 it has become one of Matera's best loved restaurants.

Dug into the cave, the restaurant has a cosy feeling, the high ceilings (featuring mezzanine) make the space feel majestic while local and friendly.

The 2 chefs who are brothers, focus on a typical Basilicata style cusiine, with wonderful locally sourced produce. They serve wonderful hearty dishes such as rich pasta dishes and risottos, foodie heaven and the best way to spoil your special guests!

There is a separate area, seating 20 for smaller groups, otherwise the restaurant can be booked in exclusive use your wedding venue in Matera.

A local restaurant with loveable chefs for your Italian family style Matera wedding!

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