Jill & Paul - 2009

Jill & Paul - 2009

Jill & Paul - 2009

Hello Federica,

I hope all is well with you? Thanks for your well wishes and your lovely postcard. Today is my first day back in work after our honeymoon so apologies that I am only getting around to mailing you now.

I wanted to give you feedback and thank you for all your help. We were very happy with your service. You were very efficient and professional at all times. The photographer was fantastic. The album was here when we got home. He did a really lovely job and was a very discreet photographer which was lovely. I have been at so many weddings where photographers seem to take over but he did his job so well without being in "everyone's face" if you know? I will send him a mail also to say thanks.

The celebrants were such lovely people. I have to say he is very good at his job. He is gentle and professional and put us and our guests very much at ease. Again, I would be so happy to recommend them.

The music for the ceremony was really lovely again a great recommendation from you.

Best Regards and thanks again Jill (& Paul)

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