Luxurious villa in Ravello

Luxury Mansion In Ravello

Spectacular venue perched on the cliff of Ravello

This villa located in the centre of Ravello was built by Grimthorpe's daughter and for many years was owned by Gore Vidal : his studio, where he did his writing, is still untouched and will be part of a small museum inside the mansion.

It was built into the side of the cliff, with six stories and multilevel terraces wrapped around it in a labyrinth of stairs and balconies. Vidal , who has had a prolific career as a playwright, essayist, scriptwriter and novelist, did much of his writing here.

Celebrities who visited the villa over the years including Tennessee Williams, Rudolf Nureyev, Paul Newman, Hillary Clinton and Brad Pitt.

The scenery around the villa is stunning, almost a gravity-defying villa, towering above the sea and clinging to the side of the mountain.

The villa can accommodate from 12 up to 18 persons.

A unique venue for an exclusive wedding reception in Ravello!

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