Lovely restaurant in Ravello

Delightful local restaurant in Ravello

Superb local cuisine served and great wine selection together with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Located in a little street you will finds yourself in a peaceful heaven, where one can enjoy its intimacy. It is a "dream" corner, surrounded by familiar things from an original and lovingly collected decor, all of which will give an atmosphere of peaceful elegance in which to re-discover honest and traditional flavours, folded into delicious and secret recipes. All brought to your table by an exceptionally capable and caring staff.

The setting is modern style and casual with a lovely cozy garden where you will enjoy intimate and stylish parties up to 45 guests.

Food is characterised by fresh, flavourful ingredients prepared by chefs who are passionate about their country's cuisine and determined to provide an authentic, welcoming eating experience along with excellent wine list.

Here you will be delighting all senses with fantastic aromas and dishes, spectacular food, and even live music for an unforgettable event!

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