Exclusive 12th Century Palace

Located in the centre of Ravello in a panoramic position

The Hotel still preserves reminiscences of the original medieval structure of the 12th Century Palace.  Other architectural and decorative elements were added in the 17th Century. The architecture of the building is in itself a mosaic of time. The five different levels of the building do not correspond to modern-day storeys, since the original structure was essentially vertical, but irregular. Additional wings and a tower-like extra storey contribute to the maze of unpredictable openings, corners and corridors.

A small flag-like sign hangs discreetly above the main door of the palace. Built in the 12th Century, in a charming location on one of Ravello's little alleyways, the building protrudes onto the street with a tower-like structure forming an arch, dotted with tiny loop-holes which were used as lookouts in bygone days when safety was rare and to be defended.

The hall has kept the original nature of court it once had: the ogival arches are of Moorish influence; precious ancient Greek and Roman marble columns from Paestum and the Amalfi Coast multicolour ceramic floors made of tiles with geometric and floral patterns; stairs climb to the upper levels in a feast of ornaments and elaborate motifs which act as frames to the rooms and other areas of the hotel. Light-structure stone gallery overhangs the courtyard like a graceful, medieval balcony. The old courtyard stairway leads to the upper rooms, the dining room, the solarium, and to some of the bedrooms.

Large windows open onto the Gulf of Salerno, showing the quaint sea villages that dot the coastline from Amalfi all the way to the distant coast of Cilento.

Cut into the mountainside and set in a natural frame of unparalleled beauty, where sky and sea are so bright and blue you even struggle to tell them apart, Ravello enjoys a wonderful scenery, dotted by lemon and olive trees, vineyards, superb villas, mansions and Solitary homes.

The rooms and suites at the hotel are a play of vaulted ceilings, ancient white walls, halls and niches with ancient majolica floors from Vietri. Every room has kept its original nature respecting the medieval design and is decorated with 17th and 18th century furniture.

A unique setting for your unforgettable moments. Nothing can replace the pleasure of being in this 'oasis'. The place is endowed with such a great deal of beauty and magic charm that even those who are just passing through find it unforgettable...

Only instrumental music is allowed in this venue and it should stop by midnight.

A suitable ceremony and reception venue for small-medium size parties up to 70 people.


  • Registry Office right opposite the hotel;
  • Cathedral 100 metres away;
  • San Giovanni del Toro Church approximately 60 metres away;
  • Villa Rufolo 100 metres away;
  • Villa Cimbrone approximately 10 minutes walk away.


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