Amalfi Coast view

Amalfi Wedding Hall

Historical and prestigious setting for weddings in Amalfi

Civil Weddings can be performed in a former Monastery of San Benedetto.

The Building is dated back to 1300 and is located in the main square of the city. The ceremonies take place in the elegant Sala Morelli, which hosts important documents and furnishing relative to the glorious Maritime Republic of Amalfi. At the entrance you can also admire the ceramic panel created by Diodoro Cossa in the 1970s, showing the most significant moments of Amalfi history.

The city of Amalfi boasts another spectacular place to celebrate Civil Wedding: the Arsenale Museum. In this Museum you can see the "Foscarino Code", "Tabla de Amalpha" and other nautical instruments, which represent the world's first international maritime code.

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