Wedding in Amalfi Coast

Weddings in Amalfi

A location with a wonderful panorama and a special beauty.

If you have ever dreamed about the perfect Italian Wedding Location, you have certainly dreamed of Getting Married in Amalfi!

When you come to Amalfi, the panorama is wonderful. White houses clinged on the rocks are opposed to the big Saint Andrew Church, located in the middle of the town. Amalfi is full of steps and to arrive to the Cathedral there is a long way of 57 steps! You can imagine with all the steps the kind of view that awaits at the top!

On the right side of the Cathedral, we find the church tower (XII century) while above we discover the chiostro del Paradiso and the chiesa del Crocifisso. Here the visitors and locals alike can discover the historical religious past of the Amalfi Church. From the Atrium of the Cathedral, which hoverhangs the square, you can discover little streets that go to discover new places of Amalfi.

Coming back to the seaside, you can discover many old buildings: the monastry of 'S.Benedetto', today place of the AmalfiĀ’s Municipality.

Hundreds of Weddings are Celebrated in Amalfi every year thanks to its special natural beauty and climate and unbeatable style and panorama.

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Why get married in Amalfi

  • The best wedding destination
  • Attractive rugged coastline
  • Real sense of hospitality
  • Stunning coastal location
  • Mediterranean bluest sea

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