Dear Federica,
We just arrived home. What an amazing trip. We went to Venice, Santa Margarita (and of course Portofino), Florence, Chianti, Sienna, and Rome. Amazing food, amazing wine, and amazing people everywhere we went. We fell in love with Rome and did not want to come home.
But of course our favorite place of all was Positano and our most wonderful memory was our wedding. We cannot even begin to express to you how perfect you made the day for not only us, but also our friends and families. Everything turned out exactly as I had been imagining for the past year. Not one thing was off. After a year of looking forward to something and creating expectations for something it seems that something would fall short. Not one thing came even close. I can honestly say that I am the only bride that I know that can actually say that. You had everything timed and planned so perfectly, that we hardly even saw you. You were always just one step ahead, making sure that there was nothing for us to even think about other than cherishing an amazing day with each other and our loved ones. The day was breath takingly beautiful.  Thank you so very much for helping us to create such perfect memories for not only us, but also for our friends and families. You are the best!
Of course we are more than willing to provide any references for you. You can use this email (
I am so excited to see the pictures. We really liked Jayson, too. We could not have asked for a better photographer. He made us feel so comfortable and we had a lot of fun with him. Very cool guy. That is very nice of him to order a special album for us, very touching. I can't wait to see the pics... 

Please let me know if you need absolutely anything else from us. I am more than happy to provide any type of testimonial or anything if needed. I am going to miss you after a year of working with you! You were just as adorable and sweet as I thought you would be. I think that the reason that you are such an amazing wedding planner is that you seem to really love what you do. You are very inspiring.
We will keep in touch. Who knows, maybe Cory and I will figure out a way to move to Rome (easier said than done :). Thanks are the best!
V (and Cory)

Other Testimonials

Sally & Marc, Wedding in Positano, 2013

This is just a quick note to thank you again for organizing our special day so perfectly. No matter how many times I say thank you it wont be enough.

Emily & Jonathan, Wedding in Portovenere,Italian Riviera 2013 were our angel, the angel that made it all happen

Delydd & Timothy,Varenna, 2013

thank you so very much for the amazing wedding you created for us!

Emily & Lee, Wedding in Varenna, Lake Como, 2011

There is no other way to put it, Fede is a true angle who makes your wedding dreams in Italy come true.

Marco & Debra B, Herndon, Virginia, USA

by far the best options for our needs, was the most responsive,and the most cost effective.

Jennifer & Kristopher B, Kansas City,MO,USA

Thank you so much for everything! Our day in Venice was so amazingly perfect. We have shown all our friends the video and they can't believe...

Amy & Aldo E., Lancashire, England

To say we are over the moon is an understatement....

Sandra & Ronald H, Chicago, USA


Jennifer & Lincoln Green, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Hi Federica!   I'm sooooo sorry that I did not see your email sooner!  After we returned from Italy and went back to work on Sep...

Stacey & Paul K., Texas, U.S.

Fede-   Thank you again for everything.  It was wonderful!  Please send us any info we need to know if you want us to write...

Ciara & Kevin B., Dublin, Ireland

Feel free to use the testimony below on your website and we would be happy to provide references.   As for the wedding at San Biagio ...

Dawn & Matt S., Oakland, CA, US

Federica: Our wedding was wonderful and exceeded our expectations in every way. I was surprised by how many Americans marry in Positano ...

Jill & Paul M, Dublin, Ireland

Hello Federica, I hope all is well with you? Thanks for your well wishes and your lovely postcard.  Today is my first day back in...

Michelle and Andy Huggett,Dublin - April, 2007

Arranging a wedding from another country is more stressful but we felt that we were in safe hands and that we could rely on your help at all times.

Jennifer & Tony, Chicago,U.S., May 17th 2008

You have the best relationships with vendors all over Italy, the most gorgeous and creative thoughts, and we cannot imagine what we would have done without you

Andrea and Craig, UK - Sep. 7th 2009

Francesca! our wedding coordinator what can we say! your ability to remain calm and kind throughout the 2 years of planning has kept us enjoying ever aspect

Hayley and Kian, AUS Sep 25th 2008

Everything was perfect and I dont think there is anything at all that could have been better.

Leah and Graham, UK May 25th 2009

Francesca, I am not sure if you got my text message to your phone after the wedding, but everything was PERFECT!!! The boats, the ceremony, Balbianello...

Gillian and Graham, IRL September 15th 2008

The whole day was just amazing...a fairytail...we loved every single minute of the day and we wouldn't have changed a single thing:-)

Carla & Christopher

Hey there! SOOO great to hear from you and SOOO sorry it's taken me forever -- I've been traveling w/ work since we got back (never ending)....

Christine & Albert Wedding in Rome

"Grazie Mille, Francesca! You are forever in my heart. xo"

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