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Weddings On Water – Sarah & Ray

Weddings On Water – Sarah & Ray
Every wedding is special, no matter the location. Most couples have a preference, as it is your surroundings that can heighten the emotion, or hold precious memories and reflect the style of a couple. Without a doubt, one of the most common themes through thousands of requests we receive is to be near water. The vicinity to water in a wedding venue promises a wonderfully romantic and serene setting, no matter if your preference is sea lapping against the shore or arriving by boat to your location across lakes.
As this year is coming to a close, it’s our pleasure to showcase our last wedding of the year, hosted in one of the most incredible lakes in the world – the jewel of Lake Como.
Here we see the mountains and water unite for the perfect backdrop in a ceremony held in the most prestigious Villa of the lake. The bride and groom were whisked off by boat to their reception location, arriving in style to their luxury beach-side location for dinner & dancing.
The simplicity of the white, green and touches of gold to compliment the two venues was more than enough, as you can see – Lake Como is a decoration all on its own!
Congratulations to the happy couple, S & R. We feel so lucky to be able to offer such beautiful locations on our country to couples in love.
Love, IWE
Ph by Cristiano Ostinelli

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